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OnSiteIn 90 will provide a comprehensive Data Backup Plan for you business. We configure your backups to disk on-site and automatically copied to off-site disk. You are provided with a complete Disaster Recovery/Backup Protection Plan.


OnSiteIn 90 Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) facility is a Level 3 facility.





OnSiteIn 90's Backup and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) provides real-time automated disk remote backup, disk imaging, file level remote backup and bare metal restore for Windows servers and workstations. Unlike conventional file-based only products, OnSiteIn 90's BUDR creates an image of the entire system state – including operating system, business applications, user settings, drivers and data.

OnSiteIn 90's BUDR provides:

Efficient backup cycles

Complete Disk Imaging

OnSiteIn 90's BUDR can conduct volume-level, folder-level or file-level backups with multiple partitions in place for easy organization and robust security. Full and incremental images provide granular restoration points for point-in-time recoveries and reduced file-size transfer for quicker and more efficient off-site replication. The solution ensures complete data protection for all programs, settings, configuration, system and user data.

Fully Automated Off-Site Replication

Once a backup is created, replication technology ensures that the images are automatically migrated to a safe and secure off-site facility, separated geographically from the main data center. In case of a major data center loss – such as a flood, fire or natural disaster – the remote backup images can be replicated to replacement equipment quickly to ensure that the business can get back up and running as fast as possible. The process is completely automated, eliminating the need for an administrator or member of the business staff to remember to take media home or drop them off at a storage facility.

Fast and Easy Recovery

OnSiteIn 90's BUDR allows for fast, efficient recoveries, giving companies the ability to bounce back more quickly following a major event resulting in data loss. The solution enables point-in-time recoveries to the last backup, making sure systems are up to date with the latest settings and data set. Administrators can completely restore a system from the ground through an intuitive bare metal restore process. For more granular recoveries, administrators can simply drag and drop selected files and folders or remotely mount drive volumes.

Universal Restores

In a pinch, companies are not always able to find similar replacement equipment. OnSiteIn 90's BUDR allows systems to be restored to dissimilar hardware or even virtual machines, eliminating the procurement and interoperability factors when trying to get the business back up and running quickly.

Flexible Configuration and Control

OnSiteIn 90's BUDR integrates seamlessly with the OnSiteIn 90's systems management framework, allowing IT administrators to completely manage, monitor, secure and protect systems from a singleWeb-based management console. Systems can be configured globally by group (policies can be customized to include location, business unit, OS type, brand, etc.) or locally by individual servers or workstations. Remote backups can be completely automated and left unattended to recover lost files within minutes. The OnSiteIn 90's client is deployed and updated automatically and remotely. Unlike other data protection solutions, no additional hardware or software is required. OnSiteIn 90's BUDR completely automates the remote backup process, allowing administrators to schedule full and incremental backups of selected volumes, folders or files.

OnSiteIn 90's BUDR Key Benefits

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