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Healthcare Information Technology Services

Are you struggling with the challenges of:
Implementing enterprise-wide electronic health record software?
Creating a connected healthcare community?
Establishing health information exchange (HIE)?
You need a deployment services partner - we can help.
We work with each of your existing software vendors to formulate an appropriate remediation plan. Close communication with your vendors allows us to leverage their application-based expertise. This knowledge base, matched with OnSiteIn 90's information technology services, assures the client expert implementation.
Integrating technology purchases, establishing technology roles and managing the scheduling of HIE solution implementations can be more efficiently conducted with OnSiteIn 90 as your deployment services source. We are your trusted advisor specializing in healthcare IT and delivering effective EHR/HIE implementations.

We provide a broad range of healthcare information technology services including:

Performing system audits to ensure existing infrastructure can run proposed solution.
Building robust connectivity frameworks for communication between hospitals, physician practices, labs and beyond.
Preparing environments for deployment of healthcare applications.
Implementing physician and patient portals.
Focus on your patients - and leave your system implementations to us.


OnSiteIn 90 helps your practice determine how and when to implement PACS technology, how to identify and marshal the necessary internal and external resources, how workflow redesign will increase your operational effectiveness, and what the return on investment will be (both soft savings and hard dollar cost savings).
Speech Recognition
The OnSiteIn 90 team helps plan and implement advanced speech recognition technology to automate radiology dictation, speeding information to referring physicians, while reducing costs associated with transcription and conventional dictation systems.
Strategic Planning
The OnSiteIn 90 team guides senior leaders in planning for the acquisition and deployment of major technology. The planning process includes interviews with stakeholders, operational and technical assessments, competitive market analysis, and a financial ROI on the entire capital purchase. The final product assimilates these findings into a high-level implementation plan that meets the goals and financial considerations of the organization.
Cost Justification
OnSiteIn 90 provides clients with an objective assessment of the financial impact of implementing new technology. The consulting team builds an objective financial model that includes operational, technical, clinical and market-impact analyses.
Request for Proposal
Once a decision is made to purchase new technology, OnSiteIn 90 develops a request for proposal (RFP) document and identifies the appropriate vendors for RFP submission. The RFP incorporates your organization’s needs at the operational, technical and clinical levels.
Vendor Evaluation & Selection
OnSiteIn 90 guides clients through the vendor evaluation process – from RFP-response analysis through contract signing. OnSiteIn 90 utilizes the Evaluator, a proprietary tool, to lead the client team through an interactive and objective evaluation process. OnSiteIn 90 coordinates and accompanies clients’ leadership team on site visits. OnSiteIn 90 also provides advice on financing options and assists in contract negotiation (if desired).
Project Planning & Operational Implementation
Implementation of new technology requires thorough planning. The OnSiteIn 90 team will design a customized project plan to successfully transition the new technology into your operation. The OnSiteIn 90’s project plans include operational, technical, capital equipment and financial planning with detailed guidelines and timelines to help your organization achieve its goals.
IT Implementation Support
OnSiteIn 90 offers a full range of PACS implementation services designed to optimize your day-to-day PACS utilization. We collaborate with your facility and your PACS vendor to design a complete implementation plan.
OnSiteIn 90 fills the expertise gap with peer-to-peer assistance or full implementation support.
Our implementation services include:
Project management and oversight
Acceptance testing
Transition to operational status
Future state workflow, including workflow/data integrity and Q/A programs
Limited filming programs
Marketing plans for referring physicians
Support plans
PACS policies and procedures
Downtime contingency plans
Business Intelligence
Imaging IT systems capture an enormous amount of information about your operations but designing reporting mechanisms and monitoring trends can be time consuming. Using information to make real-time decisions about your operations and market position saves time and money in the short and long term.
What do you need to know and how should you track it?
OnSiteIn 90 will assist you in identifying your systems’ capabilities for data tracking and in establishing the need for knowledge in various parts of your operation. Our team includes IT, operations and business consultants to provide you with a comprehensive assessment and recommendations.
Chances are, your information systems can provide you with valuable information about your:
Technology performance
Clinical service levels
Operational efficiency
Financial position
Safety and Quality Assurance
Let OnSiteIn 90 builds the bridge between people, process and technology at your institution.
Troubleshooting and Support
New technology doesn’t always follow the expected outcomes. OnSiteIn 90 provides training for your staff’s evolving needs, troubleshoot services and support.
1. On-Site Troubleshooting
OnSiteIn 90 can send specialized teams to your organization to support various initiatives throughout the implementation and on an ongoing basis.
2. Off-Site Support
You will have ongoing access via telephone conference calls with our specialists at OnSiteIn 90. The specialists can offer support in areas such as:
Service Measurements
Workflow Re-engineering
Film Reduction
Modality Specific Processes
Financial Analysis and Reporting
Enterprise-wide Distribution
Film Library Transformation
Project Management